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Water and Sewer Charges in Duncanville

Water is our most precious commodity, not just in Duncanville but throughout the world.  Water is supplied to the City of Duncanville, as well 31 other cities, by Dallas Water Utilities.   Duncanville negotiated a new 30 year contract with Dallas Water Utilities in October 2014 that resulted in lowering our demand (fixed cost) from 11 MGD to 9.5MGD which was a savings of approximately $500,000 annually (this was achievable due to water conservation efforts by our citizens)

In September 2014, Duncanville City Council passed a 5 year rate plan outlining water and wastewater increases for the next five years.  Everyone needs to understand, there are costs involved with the handling of water and wastewater.  There is a cost to convert water to drinkable human consumption and other usable levels.  There is a cost to clean the waste water for return to the environment.  The cost of treating waste water to required levels has risen substantially.  In 2016, Dallas Water Utilities increaed the demand charge by 9% and the variable cost per thousand gallons by 27.3%.  The last rate increase to water and sewer services in Duncanville was 2017.

What I propose when there is a spike in customer usage resulting in a high bill?

  • When a resident experiences a spike in no explanation, Utility Billing averages the previous 12 bills to determine payment instead of the spike amount.


  • Do more inspections for residents experiencing spikes to determine if there is a leak and where.


  • Do not shut off water until investigations are complete.


  • Renegotiate the rate so utilities aren’t so dependent on heavy water users to make budget.

Of course there must be collaboration from citizens if toilets are constantly running or there are other plumbing issues, these issues must be addressed by the home owner.  The bottom line is the customer wants their bill right!  They want to pay for what they use. To my fellow council members, if we restore that confidence by adjusting billing and service practices, everybody wins!

Balanced and Inclusive Approach

Some would suggest that in diversity, when there is a diverse population, one cannot achieve unity.  I reject that notion.  It is important that we all care about what’s happening in each district within the city because it impacts all of us.  Despite socioeconomic and civic disparities, there are plenty of Duncanville residents who just want leadership with integrity, I am so committed to ensure that we work together to make sure that our entire city is as strong as it can be.

Economic Development with a Strategic Focus

The time is NOW!  Duncanville cannot continue to just talk about improving dining and entertainment options—we have to get busy and make it happen. We must become aggressive and intentional with redevelopment of aging structures transforming them into vibrant, multi-use centers which will generate civic engagement forming a more inclusive community.

Complete Citizens Support

I have worked hard to make the City a great place for all residents regardless of abilities, age or background.  Currently Duncanville does not have a homestead exemption.  One purpose of a Homestead Exemption is to provide property tax relief for homeowners by lowering property tax assessments.  The City Council has agreed that it is time to implement this benefit for all homeowners in Duncanville; the decision coming from the state legislature will impact this, at what level we do not know.  There has been nothing produced that indicates it will negatively affect city services.   I fully realize that I serve at the pleasure of the citizens, so I chose to serve the citizens with this give back initiative.  

Code Enforcement

In order to maintain property values, quality of life and citizen’s safety, code enforcement has to be a priority.  I propose staggering code enforcement officers’ hours to provide evening and weekend coverage in order to better monitor potential violators and abate dangers to public health and safety.  As violations are identified, officers are to work with residents and allow time to correct or remove the nuisance prior to writing a citation.

Early Voting from Monday April 22, 2019 – April 30, 2019